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Privacy policy/ Privacy Protection

Our site establishes privacy policy as follows to regard thoroughly appropriate management of Privacy Protection of visitor as social duty, and to manage personal information in conformity with law example in conjunction with law about protection of personal information and this appropriately and wrestles for protection of personal information of visitor.

  1. About the appropriate acquisition, use of personal information

    We acquire personal information by legitimate and fair means and we notify visitor who is the main constituent of personal information of use purposes or announce matter necessary for our site. In addition, we confirm that the personal information concerned was acquired appropriately when we acquire personal information from third party indirectly. In addition, we use personal information that we acquired within the use purpose that we notify visitor or announced in our site.

  2. Management of personal information

    We note the prevention and safety measures to prevent unjust access and information manipulation, destruction, loss, leak to personal information of visitor.

  3. About offer to third party of personal information

    We may not offer personal information to third party without obtaining visitor's consent beforehand unless it is accepted by laws and ordinances.

  4. Deposition of personal information

    In duties administration, we entrust with a part of the duties outside. We may deposit personal information for trust of duties. We choose trust dealing with personal information appropriately and try for appropriate management, confidentiality of personal information on this occasion.

  5. About disclosure, correction, suspension of personal information

    When disclosure, correction, addition and deletion, offer stop to suspension, removal, third party are demanded from visitor about personal information of visitor, we cope appropriately.

  6. Improvement of privacy policy

    We observe laws and ordinances about privacy policy of visitor and see this policy appropriately again and will plan improvement.

  7. Reference about personal information

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