New famous place is born in Osaka in 2013! Osaka Maishima lily garden 2, Hokukouryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi

2,500,000 lily the ocean and Lilies toghether which bloom in Osaka bay

Information/ facility guidance

Facility introduction

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It is opened by zigzag Zone! Lily path

It was possible for path which entered with admission mouth, and could enter of right "zigzag Zone" per stab.
※Rainy weather is closed down.

Daily life flight during period to 5/27 - 7/5! Great popularity! Sight-seeing helicopter

Flight of sight-seeing helicopter which had great popularity was decided this year last year!
And as fly every day this year during period; in fun!

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"Let's look down at lily garden to Wind!" Hot-air balloon experience-based flight

Balloon comes up this year! We can look down at lily garden to Wind♪
As fly every day during period; in fun!

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Equipped with restroom for person with a disability

There is not restroom for person with a disability in garden, but is at entrance. For more details, please see Map in garden.

In addition, neighborhood facility, Maishima Pottery Museum and hotel lodge Maishima have restroom for person with a disability.

Introduction of neighborhood facility

Lodge Maishima
Please enjoy relaxedly while being green, and being surrounded with meal and the sea including barbecue to be able to enjoy in green where we used fresh seafood, seasonal ingredients for luxuriously.
[seating capacity] Approximately 100 134 / terraces in shop
Maishima Pottery Museum
We are opening a course in various classrooms which can be equivalent from beginner to senior widely. We can enjoy experience-based course of hand bineriya painting.

Other <Universal Studios Japan> <ATC>

Free dog orchid

Exclusive free of charge dog orchid

Of free dog orchid on using
Please use facility with the proviso that you do not give other dogs, human beings harm and discomfort.
<business hours> Weekdays /9:00 - 17:00 Saturday and Sunday /9:00 - 19:00
<place> Lily garden admission tax in proportion to the number of people
<reference about free dog orchid> Management, administration: Osaka Maishima lily garden (TEL: 0570-02-1187)
  • The urinary disposal, garbage have you take to go respectively feces, and I would like cooperation to have you handle.
  • In the case of companion with small child, please be careful about contact with other dogs enough.
  • You bring small child close to dog without permission of owner, and please do not let me touch.
  • Owner of adult, please be accompanied at the time of the use by all means.
    Please do not do entrance only in only small child and dog or dogs.
  • Out of facility, please wear wearing and manner belt of lead.
  • Please solve trouble inside and outside the facility between the people concerned.
  • Please note that person concerned with facility cannot take all responsibility even if accidents occur by any chance.
  • The facility is non-smoking. In addition, please do not bring in food. (only as for the drink, possible)
  • I decline entrance of person who is not with dog.
  • Of dog which does not receive dog with brutality, bitch in heat, contagious ill dog, vaccine non-inoculation, Pasteur treatment cannot enter.

Our facility is free dog Lance pace for exclusive use of lily garden visitor. Each person takes responsibility, and please use.


We prohibit carry-on, taking picture of small aerial photography machine (drone).

jikomi of food prohibits. ※I decline admission of pet removing drink. ※I decline admission that I put in the carry case.

  1. The flowering situation changes by climate, temperature every year.
  2. It may be closed by bad weather and StormWind.
  3. Please refrain from carry-on of food in garden.
    We remove drink
  4. Please refrain from carry-ons such as bug collecting networks in garden.
  5. You break plant and tree in garden, and please never do act taking home with you.
  6. As you cannot take responsibility about theft at in garden and parking lot and accident, please be careful enough.
  7. The garden is non-smoking.
  8. The sidewalk in garden is maintained, but recommends visiting with shoes which got used to wearing such as sneakers.
  9. Several planes are installed temporary restroom in garden, and restroom for person with a disability, please use the "Maishima-Rakuichirakuza(Souvenir shop)" side.
    Use, please use restroom of "Maishima Pottery Museum" near our garden in restroom except the garden.